23 Tháng Ba, 2023

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Our value is offering customers the best quality products. We focus on customer demands to be our production criteria for global import-export and trading activities.

We are aware that the demand of products from legal plantations in the domestic as well as the international wood market is more and more increasing because Governments around the world are tightening management of exploitation and export of natural hardwood to protect the environment. Thus, we always strictly control all processes from raw materials to final products. We are committed to using legal FSC certified timber from industrial plantations.

We are expanding production and diversity products as wood board, wood furniture for both external and internal consumption.

SSR owns a very strongly completed management system from the raw material, production process, product design, quality control, packaging, delivery chain to sales and marketing. We are increasing production capacity to enrich our supply chain.

With relentless efforts and ambition, expect revenue will reach 60 million USD by 2024.

SSR would be grateful for your trust and cooperation during the past years and wish that SSR will continuously gain your support and cooperation in the future.

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