23 Tháng Ba, 2023

Mayforesty – Công ty sản xuất gỗ

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“Nghe An Wood Processing Plant” project, with a total area of 40 hectares, owned by May Forestry Joint Stock Company is developed within the framework of “Building a wood processing plant and sustainable development of forestry in Nghe An province” project. Nghe An province enjoys many favorable conditions of geography, soil, hydrological climate and especially abundant forestry resources together with promising social economic conditions in the future. May Forestry JSC supplies wood products such as finger joint board, sawn board and MDF board for imports and exports, meeting the demand for construction in our country as well as for the “industrialization and modernization” phase of the country. Nghe An Wood Processing Plant, owned by May Forestry Joint Stock Company, had its groundbreaking in February 2013 with a total investment of USD 500 million, including a Sawmill plant which has USD 150 million investment and 12.000m3/year capacity and an MDF plant which has USD 350 million investment and 400.000m3/year capacity. Our products meet international standards and have high competitiveness even in the difficult markets of US, EU, Japan as we selected only the best technology and equipment vendors in the world. They are: Forming line, press system and raw board handling from Dieffenbacher GmbH; defibrator from Metso Paper Sweden AB; chipper, cleaner and storage from Hombak/Carpenterie Metalliche de Colzate S.r.l; sanding machine from Steinemann Technology AG; and cut-to-size from Anthon GmbH… Under the management and supervision of May Forestry JSC and foreign professionals, our products could meet every standard for wood products. We harmonize experiences and enthusiasm of well-trained staff members. We aim for customer’s satisfaction with the best quality and services and for the sustainable development of forestry in the future.

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