EPE – Công ty chuyên sản phẩm xanh từ 1973

EPE International Corporation is a Japan based company that kicked off its business operation in 1973. The company is in charge of the entire process including manufacturing, designing and selling an enormous array of cushioning materials, molded products, and general resins… Aware of environment preservation, EPE implemented green technology and environment management systems complying with ISO 14001. Therefore, its high quality products not only brought no negative impact on environment but also met with expectations of clients who are manufacturers of precision parts, automotive and electronics. As a professional packaging solution provider, EPE soon set its footprint in many countries in the world. With the production base in Dong Nai, EPE Packaging Vietnam is a Vietnam based subsidiary of EPE International. Thanks to strong back of mother companies in term of green technology and experience, EPE Packaging Vietnam is capable of manufacturing eco friendly and premium quality packaging materials to serve for industries.

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