Mẫu website đẹp, theme và template đẹp các ngành nghề khác nhau

Mẫu website đẹp, theme và template đẹp các ngành nghề khác nhau

Website Template

Website template package for the general clients.

What is a generic website?

Website design service package is designed for general clients with the requirement of a simple website, enough to use but quality.

In the website design market, clients are divided into 3 groups with 3 different types of requirements:

    • Common clients: simple website design requirements, sufficient features and reasonable cost. The only goal is to bring about effective results: increase sales or online brand communication. The target clients of this package are Individual clients, Startup and small companies.
    • Premium clients: stylist, unique, enhanced and some specialized features. Target clients are large companies with professional service packages. Website used is not only a tool to increase revenue but also one of the important components of the brand identity.
    • Professional clients: Higher demands on features and technology. Often these clients are individuals or entities who have experience in technology and they need to work with a professional website design company to build a unique máterpiece for a new service.

Website template as known as theme website or template website is the website interface store used for general website services

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Why should you choose available website templates?

  • Reasonable costs

    If you do not have special requirements but simple, just the basic features and professional interface, the available website template is the perfect choice for you. Instead of choosing cheap website designs, why not choose the available website templates with guaranteed quality and comparable budget.

  • Quick and perfect

    Time to build website quickly and still ensure the perfect feature is the outstanding advantage of this type of website design. Every website template is implemented in the latest and the most modern source code. We always ensure to bring the admin experience with the feeling of satisfaction, the customer is completely attracted and from that increased trust for services, products.

  • Chuẩn SEO, chuẩn Responsive

    Every website template is applied the latest technology, optimizing the site’s friendliness with every search engine, which helps website to display perfectly on all mobile devices and every platform. In addition, Mona Media’s attached service package will help you to have the best tools to optimize your business performance on the Internet.

Các dịch vụ kèm theo khác

  • Hosting không giới hạn

    Mona Media offers a totally unlimited website hosting system. You will have unlimited storage, unlimited number of products up, unlimited bandwidth or any others. Unlimited Hosting offers apply only to Mona Media website design clients, not to external clients.

  • Dịch vụ SEO tổng thể

    The overall SEO service is a perfect addition to your website development plan, helping you shorten the time that your website appears on top of Google search. With the overall SEO service package at Mona.Media, you will receive the most useful advice from our Marketing Specialist instead of having to research the Online Marketing from the begining. Experience the professional SEO services of Mona.Media to get the perfect goal for the overall Online Marketing Plan.

  • Content Writer

    Please do not underestimate this job. This is an important link in the chain of media planning. Without quality content, you will never “touch the heart” of the user even if the plan is really perfect. If your business has not built up the perfect marketing, then the idea and writing content is really your challenging. And using Mona Media’s Content Writer service is the right choice to help you fill in your missing space and perfect your marketing strategy.

  • Thiết kế banner/logo/hình ảnh

    Image is one of the two most important components of content on the website, besides ideas and text. Images may not have to be excellent but they must be beautiful, meaningful, express the general idea or at least explain. In particular, Google does not accept copying ideas on images. If you’re not sure you can create your own set of images, Mona Media will help you. We provide banner design services, stock photo acquisition and keep your website a fresh face. Selecting Mona Media’s banner / logo / image services is a long-term guarantee.

The reason for the launch of the website template service at Mona.Media

This is an important explanation for you to accurately determine your true needs as well as the value of the Website Template service.

Website design : INDISPENSABLE

Thiết kế website, nhu cầu không thể không có

There is a truly fact that website design needs can not help being neccessary in the online market which is the role od the website in optimizing any stragegy.
You can do everything with your website from designing it as a professional brochure to use as an effective media or professional sales tool. Website design is an indispensable, indispensable trend, a weapon of destruction for any business or individual who wants to develop their online marketing

The evolution of social networking, where users gather in one place, is ideal for developing communications programs, creating a bustling environment for sales plans. But, give up the thought of that “pink picture” from the social network. Because of the fact that social networking is a trend. And a trend will be at a recession when reaching its right time. Agree to participate in social networking as a declaration to join a form of mass organization, only difference is that this collective operates online on the Internet. You have the right to participate also have the right to leave (if the collective activity is no longer meaningful or interesting). When the “Out” level reaches the limit, that social network will collapse. You should only use social networking as part of your business support, not your mainstream sales channel.

Website is different. Website acts as a component of the Internet environment. Once you have designed, built and successfully developed a website, name and address (Online), your business (service) will live forever with the user. And most of the website is not dependent on the existence or decline of any social network. That’s why there must be at least one website on the Internet if you want your business to grow steadily.

Popular type of website – the needs of users

The development of technology and the needs of different users have created many different types of websites. Three of them have the order rate never dropped at the website design companies: website for sales, website for introducing and website for news/magazines. In addition, the type of website has special features (ordering, payment, e-wallet, …) are more and more attention in recent times.

The relationship between web design needs, web features and performance needs to be achieved

After understanding the role of website, the demand for website design “skyrocket”. Order constantly flowing to website design company like flood. And! In that flood, there is a trap that not every client finds out until they get it. The trap is the deviation between the desire, the ability and the quality of the website.

You have visited many websites, many of them are very beautiful, some simple, most are not beautiful. But what we need to care about is the effectiveness of these websites and how it really fits your needs. The truth is that there are many websites look very imposing, ultra-interface, eye-catching effect, lots of features that are completely programmed with the latest technology. It must be said that a good website and of course, costs can not be low. The problem is that the value of this website does not match its level. Meanwhile, some websites when accessing do not make users be surprised but from then on, every month businessmen earn a huge revenue. The cause of these inadequacies is due to the trap in the flood of website design needs. The word of mouth, the terrible advice that the site must be “quality”, must be unique to be effective, … resulting in the terrible damage is that you, who is in need of the website but its effectiveness is totally “nothing”.

Website contains an interface and set of necessary functions. Website efficiency does not mean it must be made from the latest technology, everything must ve the best, the problem is appropriate or not. Moreover, the effectiveness of the website does not only come from the technology platform but also depends on the development plan is feasible. No SEO, no media, no website that will be worth!

Không SEO, không truyền thông, website không thể hiệu quả

Misconceptions about website design services

Of course, if you have a unique website running on the latest technology along with an optimal marketing plan, which suits your needs, you will get quick results. But if you do not have enough money to design your own website, can you grow your business online? Or can you own a quality website even the cost of your website is low?

As we discussed above, only website is not enough, you need a plan for development. So do not lay too much emphasis on a “peerless website” in this case. The problem is whether you can have a good website or not.

We know that many customers need to design a website with low cost but worry about the quality of the site is cheap quality. We also know that, with little capital, clients have come to small companies or a group of amateur programmers to order cheap website design. This is really the wrong choice, my dear. The lack of professionalism of these services only costs you more. But how do we find the solution to the problem of cost and quality of the website when the cost of professional website design is not really cheap.

The market is in need of a quality website design services cheap. Being cheap does not mean bad, it means that the price is cheaper than the quality your website received. We need to find a solution for the type of service that customers are looking for. And Website Template was born to meet all the wishes of clients for a website with lower investment costs than the market but still ensure full of “cool” features needed for a website.

It is not about “you get what you pay for”, it must be “enough is right”. The concept of Mona Media from the beginning to the present and the future always be the same, “Minimal really is the maximum,” not redundant and not missing. With simple demand for a website, our grey matter ought not to be invested a lot in it and the remaining features then do not bring any value. But if we can, we still choose to make products that are cheap but still quality.

With Mona Media, website design is not simply about telling the web design company that you need a website and how long it will take. Website design is an art that you need to have a harmonious combination of elements that make up the goal to be achieved, design material (technology, programming language, website design trends), especially the goal of development and true ability. Low cost means nothing. Low cost but still having an awesome website to experience. That’s why the Mona Media Website Template service package was born.

Mona Media’s Website template

Website template service at Mona Media focuses on the target clients. A group of clients do not have much money to have their own quality websites. Popularity thought it is still a professional website with all the necessary features.

Usually, a typical client group has relatively simple requirements:

  • A website with a nice looking interface, no need eye-catching effects, but not too simple.
  • A website with good technology
  • A website with fast loading speed
  • An SEO optimized website, all search engine friendly, especially Google
  • A website has a responsive design that is compatible with every user’s web access device
  • A website featuring efficient online sales, shopping cart features are stable
  • A website with stable data access, which is as much comfortable as possible
  • A website with simple management, easy to learn, easy to use
  • A website that costs design suits your abilities
  • A website that time to design and building are all fast
  • A safety and security website

The Mona Media website template meets all of these requirements, even beyond what you are expecting. Since all of this is a basic requirement for a website and we have found the best solution. We found that the problem was that the actual value of a website was in the Source Coding. How to find the best solution to reduce costs at the lowest level for this stage. We reuse the previously used website templates and will adjust to suit the current needs of customers. Website templates at Mona Media include the most demanding website templates such as website sales, website introduction, news/magzines website, …

Website template – “Cheap but good”, why can not?

Website templates are cheap but still good because Source Coding of website has been written very well. That is the source coding of a complete website. But since it is used to design for many different websites, the cost will also decrease

Mẫu website “xịn” tại Mona Media

Why should you use available website templates instead of ordering website design packages?

Do not worry if you are unhappy that the website template is a website that reuses from the previous source coding. For the common website design requirements such as website for sales, website for introduction or website for news/magazines will basically be designed with similar features. And if you do not have any other requirements except from these basic requirements, the Website Template package is the perfect choice for you. Mona Media ensures that you still own a website in its own way of interface, layout, features and source coding with light adjustment to suit.

Here are the reasons why you should use the available Website template at Mona Media

  • The website template at Mona Media is not a cheap and bad website, VND 500,000 per one like amateur companies still advertising. In contrast, it owns an awesome and perfect source coding because it has been the “template” already. With this code you can rest assured that the website is operating quality, speed of downloading is optimized, security is safe, friendly with all web platform, web browser. Website SEO standards, perfect mobile design. In general, this is an absolute perfect website.
  • This is a dedicated service for general customers who need to optimize investment costs, business activities time are entering the market, or there is no need to integrate many high-end features to improve service efficiency at present.
  • Time bulding website is usually short. Because the source coding is available, the time to build and design the website is much shorter. Thanks to that the website finishing stage will also be more comfortable and quick response to your website property needs.
  • Flexible customizable Layout. For luxury website design packages, changing layout, interface is not simple. Because it is an exclusive interface, through the design and feedback carefully and the new size is consistent at last. Also, changing the layout means changing the look of the layout, which may affect one of the content display formats on the website. With available website templates, Mona Media has considered all the factors, so you can completely change the layout of your website. However, you still nees to note the problem of brand identity before changing the Layout website
  • Our Website template is unique with “Redesign” service. This is a service dedicated to the website template package at Mona Media. Selecting a website template means you will have to worry about brand identity on your website. So with Redesign service, your website is completely assured that will be adjusted design, ensuring the requirements of the one and only website.
  • The most cost-effective option is the appeal of this service pack. Proper cost, proper website is the direction that Mona Media wants to give to our clients.
  • Pay once, time-using forever. Not only is the cost of website design lower than the market but you also do not have to worry about surcharges as many amateur companies do. Choose the Mona Media website package, you only pay once, then the website belongs to you including Source coding, image, content,etc. We have no right to interfere with the website. Except for periodic web maintenance or special requests from you. The principle as well as service culture at Mona Media is absolutely not “make money” each project.

Website template for introducing companies/enterprise

This is the most popular website style, which is most requested by clients.

Introduction is the only feature indispensable in any kind of website and also the most diverse types of website designs. You can choose the template for website design with information display. You can also choose website design with sales functions, introduction, etc

Features of introduction on the website template of company/enterprise rely heavily on Source Coding and design technology. With the latest standard Source Coding, the latest Front End technology ensures that the website will bring the most effective for the brand development and communication.
Website WordPress – Best Website Template

Nowadays, WordPress is an open source and most popular for the need of professional website design. A website based on WordPress is a complete and optimized website where you can absolutely be assured of its quality. Even Google is encouraging users to use the WordPress code to build their website. The benefits that you can get from a WordPress website are:

  • Professional Website. WordPress is the best open source platform for cheap website design needs.
  • Multiple choice. With WordPress, you can make all kinds of website present from website for sales, website for news/magazines, website for introduction, or landing page, etc
  • Beautiful interface. WordPress Website is one of the leading website system in the trend of flat design with interface is designed simple but enough to highlight the topic content.
  • Diverse features. Whatever neccessary features you need, WordPress all have, the programmer will integrate immediately with perfect compatibility.
  • Easily get support.
  • The cost of design is really cheap.
  • SEO Standards
  • Mobile Design Standards (Responsive)

WordPress Website design is one of the professional service packages at Mona Media. Using WordPress Website Templates you will quickly own a professional website, suitable for use in short time and suitable cost. It can be said that, in the convenient website templates at Mona Media, WordPress is the ideal choice for you.

In case you need more features, more advanced technology, use Mona Media’s professional website design package to experience superior website services.

To use the website template service at Mona Media, please contact us for specific advice and support.


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