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Website mua hàng Amazon

Website design service ordering from Amazon

Technology development has led to the emergence of new service industries. In particular, intermediary services ordered by households are chosen by many businesses to invest and operate. Although at the present time, ordering is not too familiar to many people, but this market segment has not been fully exploited. In the industry only a few large units emerged. Thus, the vast “ocean” out there still has a lot of value waiting for you to exploit.

In order to put a step into this attractive service industry, the only and most important tool you and your business need is a professional website ordering system. And Mona Media is a reputable website design company where you can trust your original intentions.

Need of foreign purchasing

Many people like to buy foreign goods simply because many kinds of goods have better quality. Although prices are slightly higher than but it is still OK. Many sources of goods with very good quality are trusted by Vietnamese people such as American, Cantonese (Chinese), Japanese, German, …

Foreign products are not only goods imported into Vietnam from large import-export companies, then distributed to shops and supermarkets. Foreign goods are also hand goods or some kinds of goods that are ordered on the Internet. Nowadays, online shopping through e-commerce websites has gradually become the habit of consumption of many Vietnamese. Thanks to state support policy, the process of purchasing, shipping and delivery becomes simpler, cost-effective.

In recent decades, many Vietnamese families have been able to freely use foreign goods and experience better quality than some domestic items thanks to these reforms. And it became a viral effect. Gradually the demand for more and more foreign purchases. Consumers increasingly want the purchase process can be simpler, more convenient.

Ordering service

The habit of buying foreign products of Vietnamese origin is to travel abroad to study and work, then they will buy several items brought back. Later, Vietnamese gorvernment has more open policies as well as conditions go abroad more easily, many people have made themselves a few oversea trips in a year to buy resale goods that we often call “handle products”

As e-commerce has been developing, many websites for wholesale were born, the Vietnamese love shopping as they find their paradise. The number of orders on the website is increasing. Although the demand for foreign goods has increased, there are many supporting policies, but the purchase process still faces many difficulties and limitations. Oftenly, the purchasing process has to go through many steps, waiting to receive goods for a long time. The biggest problem is taxation and transportation.

The problem is that if there is an intermediary ordering unit it would be a lot better. That is why some intermediate ordering services are today.

The main task of these intermediary services is to receive orders, provide the address for receiving goods abroad, pay the taxes, customs, transportation to Vietnam and delivery to the recipient. Depending on the company, the specific policies will be different.

Needs of purchasing products from the US

Among the foreign markets, for Vietnamese consumers, US goods are still the most valued. The reason is because the goods to be circulated in the US market need to undergo a very strict quarantine period. As a result, their quality is always at the best level.

Nhu cầu mua hàng trên Amazon chỉ tăng chứ không giảm

Needs of purchasing products on Amazon

Before Vietnam, e-commerce in the world has grown tremendously. A lot of common-to-eccentric items can be put on sale as handwritten by an 18th century lawyer, the soul in a bottle of Illinois popcorn, on the forehead, etc. It is a rare thing that the amount of it you can only count on the number of the toes. However, up to now, the number of products offered on the Internet since the introduction of e-commerce can be said to exceed 12 digits. The explosive pace of this market is so fast that industry experts have not been predicted before.

When Vietnam joined the market, the whole world was familiar with e-commerce. When Vietnamese people started shopping online, many commercial websites in the world have successfully built the system of linking and transporting goods around the world. Typically the first and largest e-commerce websit in the world:

Along with the habit and buying habits of the US, the purchase on became the demand of many shoppers in Vietnam, especially those living in the modern urban areas of our country such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh city, …

Amazon today has built a professional cargo system around the world. In addition, a country with more supportive policies like Vietnam, placing and buying on is becoming more and more simple.

Amazon is the world’s leading retail electronics retailer. Almost all types of merchandise are available on Amazon. Beside the promotions, super sales the company also transports its professional transportation system, helping customers in many countries around the world can get more convenient.

Many types of products and companies on Amazon are recognized by Amazon as the same quality, customers choose these products can be assured. This is one of the core services to attract and retain customers on Amazon. And Amazon buyers are also so growing that up.

However, only some of the goods on Amazon are transported directly to Vietnam. For the most part, shoppers need to have a specific shipping address in the United States or countries where Amazon is headquartered, such as Japan or Germany. Therefore, if the Vietnamese want to make a comfortable purchase on Amazon, they must at least be in the US to order, have relatives living in the US or an intermediary supporting delivery and delivery to Vietnam. Also known as the intermediate ordering service on Amazon.

Ordering service on Amazon

Dịch vụ đặt hàng hộ trên

If you’ve ever heard of ordering services from China such as ordering on Taobao, purchasing goods on Tmall, shipping services on Alibaba, etc., then the intermediate ordering service on Amazon is the same. There are only a few specific regulations, how to operate the service (depending on each company) and different state policies on tariffs, regulations, …

Currently in Vietnam, mainly in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi appeared many services received orders from many large e-commerce website in the US, the most important is still ordered from Amazon. Some units like Fado, Shipto are the typical names in this service market. However, the piece of cake is still very large and your choice to invest in this service area is the right direction.

The two main services that Fado and some other similar units are offering are ordering from Amazon and ordering from other websites (included in their system).

Purchasing products from Amazon on

Briefly, shoppers come to will experience two services that are buying from Amazon and buying from many other websites such as Ebay, 21 Forever, …

For buying on Amazon, the shopper can use two types of services: either select the product available on the website, or select the product on Amazon, then Paste link on the search box on to check specific costs.

For purchases from other non-Amazon web sites, the buyer will perform the following sequence: on the sales website, select the product, Paste link in the search box (of the “Buy and quote” service). To view detailed information about fees, then click to buy.

Showing detailed information is an important feature for this type of service. Prior to ordering through intermediaries, customers need to know the cost of the service compared to what they do best. That is the most basic way of comparison. In addition, customers always need a transparency about the fees they pay for any kind of intermediary service. When you see that the cost is worth the money you get, the new trust process is done. That is on the client’s stance. As for a company specializing in website design and application of new technology to programmatic web features, to complete and put into operation information display system such as need to synthesize A variety of new technologies are implemented by high-end programmers.

That feature is not simply the conversion of the English language to Vietnamese, but within it, the system needs to work and link to many other data systems, convert, calculate the fees to get the the final result. Both processes must be guaranteed to be done in the quickest time.

Mua hàng Amazon trên Fado

Designing website ordering from Amazon like

Website design service ordering from Amazon is one of Mona Media’s recent launches in the last two years, aiming to provide individuals and businesses with the tools to invest in this new service.

Due to the new appearance, this service is completely developed on the basis of applying the achievements of modern technology. The key to the entire service chain is that ecommerce websites incorporate many new features, transforming the company’s management system.

The following is a list of key features that Mona Media has programmed into the Amazon Intermediate Website and other e-commerce websites in the United States.

Important features on website ordering from Amazon

User features

Ordering by Extension

Mona Media’s programmers will program the new Extension Chrome, which will feature product link acceptance, product value declarations based on parameters and policies of the intermediate unit, and then show results. details out the user interface.

Extension interface is designed exclusively, bearing the hallmark of the business. Utilizing UX / UI programming technology, your customers will have an enjoyable buying experience and complete satisfaction.

Ordering Mobile

There is a statistical result despite many years but unchanged it is the customer satisfaction for the website has a mobile interface. Or, more specifically, website design mobile version is always more customer’s appreciation, so the percentage of users stay and return also increased.

Ứng dụng mua hàng Amazon trên Fado

For websites providing intermediate ordering services in particular and all other types of websites implemented at Mona Media, mobile version design is mandatory. We always want to bring great experiences to the end user. Simply because they are the judges decide in each game for Mona Media.

On the ordering website, mobile orders are programmed accurately, the operation ensures a simple, fast, committed that it is the most convenient for customers.

As well as Extension programming, Mona Media will also offer exclusive Mobile Ordering interface design and compatibility with the PC version to achieve high consistency on both versions. That is how we contribute to improve your brand identity on the Online channel.

Login by Facebook/ Google

This feature may not be very strange to you and even online users. Signing in with a Facebook / Google account makes the user account registration process more time-optimized, adding a plus point to the user experience.

Standard SEO on introducing pages, news

For websites with important features such as website, the role of SEO push is placed on the introductory page and the information content from news and blogs.

The standard SEO technology is implemented by Mona Media throughout the website, introductory pages and news are especially optimized, becoming a powerful supporter for every SEO plan for the website.

Smart shopping cart, automatically saving history

Each member account registered on the website will own a separate shopping cart. The shopping cart displays and stores all customer select and purchase information. As a result, the process of custody of purchased and purchased goods becomes faster and more accurate.

In addition, the order confirmation feature via Email also helps optimize the purchase process on your website

Order management

From shopping cart features and saving history, shoppers will manage their orders more conveniently.


E-wallet is a kind of intelligent service that new units provide to its customers recently. This new feature offers many convenient payment solutions for both shoppers and sellers.

Financial management, topping up – withdrawal

From e-wallets, customers can manage their finances with ease. The withdrawal and topping up activities are also done simply and quickly.

Administration feature

Admin features are system features for webmasters, ensuring simple administration protocol, easy to learn, easy to optimize.

Complete SEO configuration

In there, the administrator can make all adjustments to the article, the content with the most SEO standards.

Many management features are integrated with simple operation

Configuring order processing steps

Configurating tax, charge for order

Configuring commissions for salers

Managing warehouse in the US, warehouse chain in Vietnam

Configuring service charge

Managing users / clients

Managing staffs of the departments

Financial management, recharge

Advanced order management

Warehouse management with bar code

Order Statistics

Revenue report

Statistics of temporary profits

Customer statistics by balance

Inventory Order statistics

Delivery management

Beside programming features required by each unit, Mona Media also supports operating consulting companies, some minor adjustments and website maintenance (and features) throughout the time-using service, such as:

Support to guide webmaster staff

Support to purchase Extension and Upload accounts

Supports the default system configuration

Changing order processing

TChanging the content of statistics as you want

Supporting SEO consultants and content

Intermediate ordering feature from the US websites

In addition, on websites such as, an attractive service is also provided by many businesses are ordering intermediaries from many major websites in the US such as Ebay, 21 Forever, …

For this site, the features are still programmed and integrated as above, just slightly different in how to use, focusing more on the Paste Link method.

If you need more detailed advice on new services and excellent programming technology at Mona Media, please contact us for more detailed advice and support.

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