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Web-app programming

Web-app is software that runs on the web platform instead of the traditional desktop-based application platform. At Mona Media we do not sell software, we program a separate web-app for each business, fit perfectly with business, no excess without missing.

  • The website platform can be accessed to manage the business with any device that has the Internet.
  • Mobile-friendly, making it easy for employees and administrators to track in real-world conditions.
  • No need to install, just a device with a browser, access the website with a separate account.
  • Due to its own programming, the web-app at Mona Media is so close to the job that every employee has to do. No need to spend too much time training..
  • Unlimited storage of files, documents stored at the server. Avoiding missing documents due to forgotten at home / company when needed.
  • Absolutely confidential, not affected by the failure of the machinery at the company.

Yêu cầu báo giá



    If managing the papers of company used to be a nightmare because it takes too much time searching and storing data, now the web app software has helped your business manage its resources concentratedly. Searching, filtering, and saving commands will help you a lot in managing your data and doing it quickly and accurately.


    You will no longer have to call the staff to the office assigned or ask employees about the workflow. Now, thanks to the web-app software, we only need to assign tasks to employees and set up the remaining work of that employee, and report the final result through the software. Each employee will have a separate access permission to access the right content.


    Because this is a software that runs on the background of the website does not need to be installed so you can use anywhere with any device connected to the Internet and web browser is is usable. This feature makes the web app outperform traditional software. Everyone can access their data wherever they want, helping to increase productivity

Giá trị khi Web-app programming tại Mona Media


    We do not sell software so that at Mona Media we program the web app software based on the company’s specific needs that make the software unprocessed and unwasteful of functionality as well as make the web app run smoother and more responsive.


    We program and design web-app software to be compatible with every computer, compatible with all operating systems: Windows, Mac, IOS, Android …. This allows you to manage tasks remotely. At the same time, you can deploy a number of specific components that can be used by smartphones such as salers


    With the security of your account and other forms of security, your data will be secured with various security options depending on the needs of customers. This is not depend on the computer you are using.


    We have a team of experienced programmers in the field of software programming web app so we know very well the business needs in each field of investment and business, Mona Media will analyze with you. The project is based on the actual needs of your company and business.

Web-based software, or web-application or web-based software programming are common words for web-based management software. The clear distribution between the web-app and computer software gives you a clear view of the difference between the two programming fields, and understand and choose for yourself the correct and accuracy programming for the business management needs of the company or business enterprise you are investing.

What is Web-app or website-application?

– It is a business management software like CRM, ERM, ect that you often hear of. It contributes to systematize your business, puts employees in the right place with IT software, and limits access to each employee to increase internal security. In addition, this is a place you manage the customer’s resources, which transforms from the potential customer into a customer, and the business management software also has the risk mitigation mechanism for the enterprise based on the statistics and assessments that it has created by human management.

In the past few years, if you want to use some software, you must have the installation source with the .exe file and install it into the Windows operating system. It is too complicated and deffusive while web-app fixes that point and changes it by running on the web via the Internet. The only way to use the web-app is to use any device with a web browser and access to the internet, such as: smarptone, tablet, desktop Windows or Mac or Linux operating system …

Hệ thống quản lý dịch vụ cho chuỗi tiệm nail

Important note: Web software is not a word to describe a mobile application which its content is a website. The mobile application contain website inside that called Hybrid mobile app and Mona Media will introduce you later.

Web-app has the characteristics and advantages of both computer software and website. It is not a bad idea to evaluate web software as the backbone of enterprise management, employee management, inventory management, sales management, customer care management, marketing campaign management. A complete web-app for the business as a steel wire strung everything of business and even sometimes between businesses.

The benefits of Wep-app with business

Lợi ích của phần mềm chạy trên web với doanh nghiệp

Lợi ích của phần mềm chạy trên web với doanh nghiệp

Web-app or website software has indisputable benefits to businesses, the application of IT to production and business management has been emphasized by society for more than ten years, but Do you really know all the benefits of web-app and software ?!

Archiving, filtering, sorting and searching in seconds

Entrepreneurs, managers, team leaders or even employees are clearly aware of the issue of keeping and searching documents that are extremely problems. Even though you have thought up a lot of ways to manage and organize your records in the most scientific way. A small business takes more than a dozen minutes to find a document a few months away, a company needs to find documentation of all its customers two years ago that takes a few days is normal. If all these things take more than a few seconds and 100% curbing the risk of missing, documents lost, the waste of human resources then the effect is really worth considering.

Web-app at Mona media is designed specifically for business



Web-app at Mona media is designed specifically for business

Mona Media’s clients are a leading in F&B industry in Vietnam. They order a huge system that beading the chain of customer, staff, quality management (QC, QA) together. The system includes an introductory website, a smartphone app for customers and a core web-app that manages everything.

– Customers use the smartphone app (connected to the web-app via the API method) to book, order, charge, accumulate points.

– Customers can also feedback the store’s staff

– Employees in the chain use the app to track workdays, track customer feedback (anonymously), receive news from the corporation, take days off – change the day off, check in-out every working day

– The company’s human resources department monitors employee activity through in-out checking and web-app calculates payroll hours, web-app also helps to get customer feedback to help the HR department. be the situation of the company. In case the employee attitude is too bad, the HR department can completely put into the blacklist used for F & B businesses to announce the ban on this employee.


Some applications of the website in the business



Certainly, the larger the business model is, the more neccesary the management of the business and the customer. However, people can not remember all the things they need to do so web-app programming is what makes business easier to manage thereby saving time and manpower. Mona Media hereby introduces a number of popular software programming areas today.

Recruitment management software

  • Managing the recruitment requirements of the company.
  • Managing the recruitment of the company put forward.
  • Making a application form.
  • Creating recruitment.
  • Posting recruitment information.
  • Browsing recruitment requirements.
  • Receiving applications from applicants.
  • Managing candidate resume.
  • Managing the interview results of candidates.
  • Closing automatically the receipt system when expired.
  • Browsing candidates.
  • Automatically scoring the test, sending congratulatory emails to qualified candidates and waiting for recruiting staff to schedule interviews.
  • Sending a thank-you letter to the candidate who did not pass the test.
  • Sending your letter of appointment to the interviewee. Sending a mail with a confirmation link for the interview.
  • Automatically reporting to recruiting candidates who are not confirmed after a period of time.
  • Transfering candidates’ information into the employee list
  • Tracking recruitment needs from other departments and departments in detail according to the position of the job application.
  • Quickly providing information on the application, including detailed information such as: work experience, health information, education, certificates, skills …
  • Storing all candidate information not yet recruited so that it can be used for subsequent recruiting, reducing the cost of recruiting.
  • Providing timely, full statistical reports, analysis of the recruitment situation, recruitment requirements …
  • Automatically converting all candidate information into new employee information with approved profiles.

Accounting softwarePhần mềm kế toán

Accounting software

  • Searching, document management, currency management

We program the web-app software according to the needs of the company, in each way of management separately.

  • Edit account categories, engagement audiences, and contracts

Managing and customizing account categories, audiences, contracts, automation with metrics, making it easy to customize according to the company, in each management style.

  • Importing data from Excel file

Accounting software wep-app allows to import all data from Excel file without having to re-enter it manually if the customer has a data source.

  • Exporting data quickly.

Exporting data quickly and preserve the original format from the software to the files: Excel, Pdf, Powerpoint, XPS, HTML, XML, Image.

  • Exchanging data.

Swapping a part or all of the data between computers together.

  • Back up data

Backups are automatically scheduled or as directed by the manager and can be restored to the original version

  • Restoring data

Restoring completely to the same data state as backup file

Supermaket software

phần mềm quản lý tính tiền siêu thị

supermarket software

  • General information about supermarkets are under management
  • Good management
  • Managing suppliers of products for supermarkets
  • Customer management
  • Customer classification
  • Order and transaction management
  • Management and decentralization of groups, staffs
  • Managing debts of supermarkets and suppliers.
  • Managing and reporting accurately the quantity of inventory, quantity sold, etc.
  • Saving your editing history to avoid employee fraud.
  • Combined with printers, barcode readers, …
  • Importing/exporting data from Excel
  • Automatically storing, backing up data to ensure system security.
  • Statistics report by day, month, by item, supplier, …
  • We will design more features for supermarket credit management software most accurately and systematically

Warehouse management software – wholesale / retail


  • Product management in trading.
  • Managing, searching for convenience items..
  • Managing and informing the suppliers of goods. Managing import and export goods to the warehouse
  • Managing and setting wholesale/retail price
  • Managing product export, wholesale, retail
  • Searching feature
  • Printing support
  • Report the profit, loss and print it into papers
  • Many new reports serve statistics and management: Warehouse reports, revenue statistics by staff

School, lectuers, students, learners management software

thiết kế web-app TRUONG-HOC

School web-app design

Admissions and Placement Examination

  • Learners register online through the school management software, and save the students information
  • Saving the sources that students know to make materials for marketing later
  • Saving registered student information
  • Updating the selection results
  • At each level, the software classifies students at each level and the results of the entrance examination

Student management

  • Managing all information about students and easily accessing them if needed.
  • Students who absent a lot or have problems will send a reminder message to parents.
  • Managing and tracking individual students on learning outcomes.

Teacher Management

  • Managing all information, qualifications and certificates of teachers
  • Posting online recruiting new teachers.
  • Tracking and updating lectuers’ teaching process.
  • Recording and managing the number of hours the teacher teaches
  • Based on the statistics then giving reward and discipline of each teacher in the year.

 Training management

  • Arranging and distributing teachers and classrooms so they do not overlap teaching hours.
  • Tracking the details of the class hours through the information that the teacher updates
  • Receiving information and comments from both students and teachers.

Class management

  • Classification.
  • Changing classes.

Revenue and expenditure management

  • Managing and reminding students about tuition fee
  • Settling tuition fees such as changing another class, etc
  • Making and printing out automatically tuition fee for each student
  • Monitoring and statisticing to make reports on revenues and expenditures.

Learning outcome management

  • Managing grades, results of students.
  • Automatically calculating the average grades
  • Saving information and learning outcomes of each student in the system.


  • Paying for teachers according to timekeeping results and teaching schedule.
  • Paying salary for employees in the form of salary.
  • Automatic paying overtime as originally agreed upon entered into the software.
  • Based on the payroll table to calculate the wage payment calculated to pay salaries to employees.

Technology used in web-app



To design, programming web-app software usually has three classes, namely the web-app interface that the web browser displays, the second layer is a machine that uses dynamic languages ​​to process information and commands such as (ASPASP.NETCGIColdFusionJSP/JavaPHPPython, or Ruby On Rails). However, the most widely used is the .NET programming language, because of its robustness and security that most commonly used by web-app developers.

.NET programming language



Microsoft has released the .NET Framework running on Microsoft Windows, which is a powerful platform for programming and executing applications. .NET frameworks are written and executed in the CLR (Common Language Runtime) environment.

The .NET framework includes a number of programming libraries that support the development of software such as interface programming, database manipulation, web application programming.

The .NET framework simplifies web-app programming by providing and supporting a variety of pre-programmed components, you just need to learn how to use and depend on the creativity that mixes those components together.

The security of windows server

Điện toán đám mây

Cloud computing

Over a dozen years of establishment and development, through each stage started with Windows 2000 server and the latest is Windows server 2016 at present, in parallel with the process of changing the security system for operating windows server system also increased each day.

Microsoft recently launched a cloud security feature to confront Amazon. Analysis and computation will be done on Microsoft’s cloud platform, with extremely fast response. Microsoft’s AI can analyze many things from photos, videos and applications in many different areas.

The cloud platform is usually applied for multinational companies, helping them to always store and access data in the fastest and safest way, anywhere in the world. The retailer “Jet.com” is one of the first clients to use this platform. Microsoft also confirmed that this is an important weapon to help them compete with Amazon.

Huge Database stored by SQL Server



SQL Server shortname for Structure Query Language, which is a tool for storing, accessing and managing data for a variety of fields that uses Transact-SQL to exchange data between a client computer and a SQL Server computer. Currently, there are some high-end languages ​​support SQL Server such as .NET, Visual BASIC, Oracle, Visual C ++.

SQL Server is optimized to run on very large database environments (Tera-Byte) and can serve thousands of users simultaneously.

Here you can understand what the web-app is. Mona Media’s web-app or website application services are tailor-made for your needs, according to your specific needs and management. We help your business to have the best tools without features redundancy

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