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Designing online teaching website, a subject that deserves special attention because this is one of the special website. With extremely special features and complexity.

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    This is a major function of the online learning website, instead of the previous one you have to teach each class, then now just save the video once and post it on the website from which you can sell it for People want to learn and they need to pay to see that course.


    Even learning can be now learned online and students do not have to go to the center or school to study again. An added benefit is that this form of learning can be learned and learned at any time. does not limit time and space. That is the great benefit of online learning website.


    The combination of online teaching and learning center will increase the prestige and brand of the center up to create confidence for students. Online web-based learning helps the center to be more active in marketing and advertising its brand.

Giá trị khi Online learning website design tại Mona Media


    For projects as difficult as online teaching website, the choice of programming language should be considered, for Mona Media we choose .NET to implement this project. Because this is a powerful language with high security, it is widely used in web-application projects.


    We know each center is a different style so the website so we can not use the same interface for many different websites, At each project we Mona designed our own interface and exclusive Their own, help them get a website with unique style.


    The trend towards more mobile users and online learning websites is always taken advantage of by the customer to learn during travel so this is a feature that needs to be optimized from the beginning. We understand that your website’s interface will be good on all mobile devices like phones and tablets.


    With big projects like online teaching web-app design should be equipped with modern and professional security methods. We are a specialist in website security. From the beginning we have calculated that your website is the most secure possible through the system and how to write code.

Have anyone ever thought in the near future, girls, boys or even your children will not have to carry a heavy pack of dozen kilogram to school anymore (think about that make my shoulder feel pain). Instead, they will be comfortable sitting at home, enjoying air-conditioned and learning online under the E-learning curriculum on Websites recognized by the Ministry of Education. I know this idea is not true but not myths with the speed of development of the current technology. However, we will discuss this topic later. This article Mona Media wants to focus on the topic of online learning website design, a topic worth paying attention because this is one of the special website.

Except for the features that no other website has (Mona Media will say more in detail below), then it is different in that: e-learning website online can have a very difference from low cost to high-cost depending on the feature you plan to deploy. For example : with website design services to introduce businesses from 10-15 million VND, 15 to 20 million VND for news website design… educational website design costs from 15 to 500 million VND is totally normal. Do not be too surprised, there is always a reason for it.

To know the specific reasons why this is so, first of all turn over the features should be of an online learning website:ebsite học trực tuyến:

Basic features of online learning website

Thiết kế website học trực tuyến

Website dạy học trực tuyến

  1. Website for introduction school, training center, tutor

The main feature of this website is the school introduction, the tutoring center. Inside menu :

  • Homepage: Show the most general and typical information on the website. User-friendly design, which are mainly students
  • Introduction: General information on the history of formation, educational orientation in schools, training objectives, …
  • School: Show information about facilities, operating conditions of the education system, teachers/lectuers of the school
  • Schedule : Tracking school time feature.
  • Subjects: show information about specific subjects, organization chart of each subject
  • High-quality text and image-based display.
  • Designing banner, Slideshow to highlight the image, and help website more dynamic, attracting more attention of students
  • Quick looking up and searching functions.
  • Online chatting function : Integrating with third-party softwares such as Live chat (, subiz, Vchat, …), Skype or online information form
  • Tracking students : based on access control system based on IP code and behavior on website
  • Social Media: Integrating with many social networking channels, easy for students to share with each other on the largest social network accounts today.
  • Function on demand: Programers will integrate all functions as required by clients, apply the latest technology to the most optimal performance.
  • Website administration: The important function that determines the efficiency of your operation after owing the website.
  • The administration page is user-friendly and easy to use. Administrators can add, delete and edit content suitably.
  • Content Management: Administrators can add, delete, edit content and write text with the same editor Microsoft Word.
  • Image administration: uploading, editing image content, video for each specific category.
  • Email Newsletter: The function of sending e-mail to the students’s email address who subscribe the website.
  • The interface design is responsive, compatible with any mobile device
  • Optimizing page loading speed

This type of website does not have the function of purchasing courses. If you want to add this functionality, you should choose the type of website below:

  1. Design online learning website, purchasing video lessons and multiple choice exercises

Beside the basic functions similar to the website design school introduction, training center, tutor, when clients require to design online learning website, their website will be programmed to purchase more courses to watch video and Online multiple choice exercises.

Enhanced features on the online learning website, purchasing video study courses, tests include:

  • Online video tutorials and quizzes are programmed for online lesson administration and online courses
  • Integrating lesson formats such as video, text, multiple choice, …
  • Marking the test automatically
  • Allowing the course to be offered or divided into several small lessons
  • Online payment through the most popular online payment gateway: Paypal, Bank, payment by ATM, Visa, Master card, … or scratch cards, phone messages, …
  • Issueing discount coupon, integrating discount code when making payment online
  • Applying professional Streaming Video which has anti downloading technology.

3. Intense learning online website design package

This is the kind of website Mona Media mentioned at the beginning of this article. A website offers only courses of all subjects that are currently taught in schools. Function requirements in this form of the website are quite marverlous, all fields are advanced technology. The cost of designing this website is always at the highest level. In return, the website is an effective business tool for individuals and organizations with ideas for development in the education sector.

Choose the full-service website design package at Mona Media, meaning you will experience a professional design process. Your job is simply to send Mona Media a list of specific requirements for online learning website design depth, everything left will be taken care by us :

  • Complete research and consultancy: Mona Media’s team of developers has worked on many online e-learning projects so we understand that every website needs to build its own brand personality and especially for websites, these are the unique features that customers can experience when accessing the website. Therefore, Mona Media always spend time researching business activities as well as intensive discussions with customers on the features required. From that we will unify the best implementation plan.
  • Exclusive interface design for home page: This is an important step. Only after the demo design has been approved, will we start the next step
  • Designing the kid page interface
  • Programming home page
  • Programming basic and advanced functions
  • Mobile programming, friendly-interface to any device
  • Guilding and SEO consultants (support for standard SEO writing when required)
  • Handing over the project. Ensure 100% customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining and supporting website lifetime warranty

Solution for online learning website design, E-learning at Mona Media

lập trình đa ngôn ngữ

Online learning website design solution

Developed according to the guideline for the effectiveness of each website is the guide, Mona Media is always updated the latest technology, applied in their work.

Each programmer is an expert in each specialty they undertake, ensuring high specialization. No programming language that we can not do, especially the latest technology platforms:

  • Programming with the PHP language
  • Programming with the JavaScript language
  • Programming on the basis of HTML5 / CSS3 technology
  • ASP Programmer. Net, .Net
  • Ajax programming
  • Responsive Technology
  • Multi-tier security technology
  • Optimize page load speed
  • Optimize SEO on a standard platform

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“Hoá ra sở hữu một website bán hàng và điều hành kinh doanh trên mạng dễ hơn minh tưởng nhiều. Cảm ơn sự tư vấn từ Mona Media. Trong tương lai gần nếu đơn hàng đạt mốc 300 đơn 1 ngày mình sẽ triển khai hệ thống phần mềm quản lý của hàng của Mona Media”


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Thiết kế website là một niềm đam mê, nhìn thấy khách hàng hài lòng với sản phẩm là hạnh phúc

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Tại sao bạn nên chọn Mona Media


    Đối với dự án khó như thiết kế web dạy học trực tuyến thì việc lựa chọn ngôn ngữ lập trình cần được cân nhắc, đối với Mona Media chúng tôi lựa chon .NET để thực hiện dự án này. Vì đây là ngôn ngữ mạnh mẽ với tính bảo mật cao, được sử dụng rộng rãi trong các dự án web-application.


    Chúng tôi biết được mỗi trung tâm là một style khác nhau vì vậy website cũng vậy chúng tôi không thể sử dụng chung một giao diện cho nhiều website khác nhau, Tại Mona mỗi dự án đều được chúng tôi thiết kế giao diện riêng và độc quyền của riêng khách hàng, giúp họ có được một trang web với style duy nhất


    Xu hướng khách hàng sử dụng di động ngày càng nhiều và website học trực tuyến luôn được khách hàng tận dụng để học trong thời gian di chuyển vì vậy đây là tính năng cần được tối ưu ngay từ đầu. Chúng tôi hiểu được điều đó nên giao diện website của bạn sẽ được hiển thị tốt trên mọi thiết bị di động như điện thoại và máy tính bảng.


    học trực tuyến cần được trang bị những phương thức bảo mật hiện đại và chuyên nghiệp, Chúng tôi là một chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực bảo mật website. Ngay từ đầu chúng tôi đã tính toán để website bạn bảo mật nhất có thể thông qua các hệ thống và cách viết Code.


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