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Be cheap as Mona Media’s way

  • Low cost, high quality
  • Owning good Source Code, perfect code
  • Developing website fast
  • Customizable and unique Layout
  • Popular types of website are available for you to choose
  • Committing to a year warranty
  • Suitable for small and medium enterprises, Startup that entering the market

Yêu cầu báo giá



    Because of the re-use of Source Coding templates from popular websites, the cost of website design template will be much more optimized to meet the requirements of customers. But reuse does not mean “junk code” or “raw code”. All code is very carefully coded, detailed, optimized web platform. In particular, each project will be adjusted for the most effective website.


    Time to design a new website lasts for quite a long time, at least 20 working days. Some projects such as e-commerce websites, or websites with special features may last up to several months. Taking advantage of Source Code templates will greatly reduce the time spent designing and building your website. Super convenient for the plan to complete website content, preparing for SEO ahead of schedule.


    With the goal is to launch a cheap website design package: appropriate cost, appropriate features, appropriate interface and effects, suitable time, plus quality service, user-oriented content and effective SEO strategy, you will soon success with the choice of affordable website design packages at Mona Media.

Giá trị khi CHEAP WEBSITE DESIGN tại Mona Media


    Active in the field of website design for many years, owning a list of over 1000 projects with a satisfaction rate of 100%, many years of cooperation with Japanese partners. Mona Media is proud to be one of the leading website design companies in Vietnam. All service packages at Mona Media are highly appreciated from professional website design, web-app programming, mobile application programming, and the latest package of website templates. Mona Media is committed to providing the highest quality technology products, worthy of the trust of customers.


    As the most popular and highest quality CMS in the world, the demand for WordPress website design has grown rapidly in recent years. Mona Media’s WordPress website design packages meet the expectation of having a professional website, with many advanced features with short developing time, reasonable cost and best business performance.


    Standard SEO is one of the standards for quality evaluation of the website, which is the most basic criterion that a professional website should have. SEO website design is a leading feature that Mona Media suggest when providing cheap website design packages. Ensuring the website has the most stable and high quality web platform, supporting the website optimization plan on every search enginem.


    With a real “Source Code”, you can rest assured that the website will have a mobile design, compatible with all smart devices, friendly to all web platforms and web browsers.

Be cheap as Mona Media’s way.

According to Mona Media’s definition, cheap website design means lower prices than the true value of quality. The solution to use cheap website design services but still quality is to use the website template available to design your own website.

Website template, the most perfect choice in the cheap website market.



Is it wrong to choose cheap website design services?

The concept of any money makes many people feel the need to use website design services cheap. What is the quality of these cheap websites? Add a few bad rumors about the service of cheap website design scams that make users more confused.

In fact, there exists a cheap website design market with quality and cost that suits the needs of the user. However, due to not understanding about cheap website, clients can not own a cheap website in the right sense as well as can not find the trusted company website design.

As a professional website design company, Mona Media understands the importance of a website in the current technological revolution, as well as the needs of many clients for a quality website at a reasonable cost. Owning a website designed with cheap price is not wrong, but wrong concept and how to choose website design services are not appropriate are the problems

Cheap website design market in concept of bad company

From compelling advertising :

  • Cheap website design
  • Website design from VND 500.000 – VND 1.500.000
  • Owning professional website only from VND500.000
  • To the concepts not yet clarified:

    • What is a cheap website?
    • What will the website have with the price VND 500.000 – VND 1.500.000?
    • What is a professional website?
    • When do I need a cheap Website?
    • What is the difference between the VND 500.000 website and VND 1.000.000 website?

    Since the demand for website design has grown rapidly, the market for cheap website designs has been born and becoming more and more active. Initially, cheap website design services provided by website design students. But as the heat of this market has attracted many investors. Abandon the responsibility of the products that they make, attracted by the immediate benefits, taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of the majority of clients’ websites as well as their cheap prefer, many amateur programmers offer poor quality services. The product of these services is actually a bad Source Code and is used repeatedly for a lot of different projects without the slightest tweaking. Some of the units even install malicious code into Source Code to collect illegal information. This bad code is putting a heavy burden on the rest of the market, where reputable companies are trying to give their customers the best satisfaction with their product.

    The loss of quality control of the market segment of cheap website design affect the psychology of client’s choice. Most of them just did not dare to design cheap website, and can not hire professional services because funding is not allowed. They spend too much time with some online tools such as Facebook, classified ads website that prolong business optimization time, ignoring development opportunities in the online environment which is very convenient as today.

    Cheap website design in the way of Mona Media

    As a professional website design company, Mona Media’s vision is to always provide quality products at the best cost. In the low cost website design market, Mona Media has found the best solution to meet all the requirements of the most popular website.

    At first, we need to redefine the vague notions of cheap website design. From there, the solution will be born.

    What is a professional website?

    You can quickly find on the website the definition of professional website by keyword “what is professional website?”. All of the ideas for professional websites such as fast website loading speed, guaranteed time for regular website traffic, beautiful interface, reasonable layout, high interactivity, … are all true. But with Mona Media, that’s just relative criteria because we do not have that exact dimension for each element. However, one thing is certain you can measure, that is business efficiency (or communication rate) from the website. Business performance is determined by the behavior of the customer. According to the latest research, because website technology is growing so fast and users are so familiar with the operation and services on the website, they tend to overestimate the websites that are designed. So does a monotonous website, which does not bring the user experience enough to change their behavior?

    What is a cheap website?

    What do you think about cheap website? Of course it is cheap. But how cheap? The answer is very cheap with a small number of utopia or lower than the market price is cheap!

    In fact, the expensive / inexpensive nature of website design or any other product, the price is not the main issue. We need to weigh out all relevant factors, including the quality of the products and services involved. A really cheap product is the product that the actual value received from it over the cost is much greater.

    For example, with Mona Media, a complete website, professional, quality after-sales service, but the price is relatively low relative to the market, it is a cheap website. This view is completely different from the concept of a VND500.000 website, VND700.000 is a cheap website. In essence, they are much more expensive than the website of high-end service packages in the website design company.

    What does “VND500.000 – 1.000.000 website” has?

    In fact, websites priced from VND500.000 to VND1.000.000 are built with a set of themes that are easy to find online, and then edit some important details such as brand name, color correction, address change. contact, add image, … So there is a website that with a “professional editor” can be built in 5 minutes.

    But then? It is a monotonous website, difficult to edit, hard to manage, less function. One such pattern is repeatedly used by webmasters for many customers who do not make much of a difference to optimize the web platform, simply changing a bit of appearance. Customers who wish to add features will be charged for each package. Finally, the cost could be got extremly high to millions, tens of million. Expectancy is extremely expensive.

    In general, choosing any product, whether expensive or cheap, low or high, you should consider between the price and the value of the product is commensurate with the cost.

    When do you need cheap website design?

    We only buy products when needed. But only in the following cases should you use cheap website design services:

    • When the budget is only allowed to choose services in the low price segment
    • The current demand does not need high-end products, just a full-featured website at the right price
    • When the market is high quality products but the price is lower than the market for some special reasons

    But does not exist a kind of cheap website design services that quality still “genuine” on the market today? How can Mona Media provide such a service ?!

    Mẫu website giá rẻ mà chất lượng cao

    After all, we found the answer to our question

    Website design template solution

    The Mona Media website template service is implemented by reusing the Source Code of several pre-built website templates. Then, depending on the requirements of the client that the programmer will adjust to the full website features that customers desire. Redesign will help customers get their own website with their own signature interface, while also being able to flexibly change the layout to suit the actual requirements.

    Website template is a collection of the most popular website types which are required by customers most. These are all websites created by the professional programmers of Mona Media, with the really good source code, Code is written in each line ensures when rebuilding the website works smoothly, on every platform and web browser.

    In addition, the redesign package is dedicated to customers using the website template can flexibly change the layout to their liking, ensuring not “clash”.

    Website developing time is short, of course not the web form “instant noodles” because Mona Media needs to adjust to suit the actual needs of customers.

    When using the website template service at Mona Media, customers are always caring support staff dedicated, consultant website design suitable, so that bring the best effect. Because Mona Media wants any website labeled “Mona Media” to be a professional website no matter which segment of the market.


    WordPress website design

    Website design WordPress is one of the quality website design services.
    WordPress is a well-known open source platform for quality website support. You can design your own WordPress website, but it takes a long process to research and perfect. Besides, there are many features that are difficult to integrate if not done by professional programmers. With professional skills, skilled Mona Media programmer, we provide more professional website design services WordPress.

    Facing the demand for a cheap website that quality, choosing website design WordPress at Mona Media is the right decision.

    The benefits of cheap website design services at Mona Media

    Mona Media offers low cost website design services and provides many benefits for customers, including direct benefits from cheap website design and many benefits.

    • Reasonable cost

    Low cost is attractive to attract customers to cheap website design services of Mona Media. Although it is cheap, please rest assured that the quality of the website at Mona Media is always number 1.

    • Fast and convenient

    Time to build a website template will be much shorter than the other website design packages. This will help you quickly embark on the finishing of the web content as well as deploy the communication strategy website sooner.

    • Meet the business needs

    This benefit is the goal of cheap website design package. Mona Media is eager to create effective tools in the online business environment and suitable for all its customers.

    It is mandatory and certainly optimal on the Mona Media website. SEO website template will assist you to speed up SEO efficiency on many popular search engines.

    • Responsive design

    Responsive website design is the fastest way to bring your website and brand closer to your target customers. Website templates are designed with standard mobile technology, compatible with all smart devices, friendly to all Website platforms

    • Dedicated support service

    This is a service that Mona Media always pay special attention. From the initial consultation until the customer receives the product, then the product management. All processes are advised by Mona Media consultants enthusiastic, ensuring the customer has the most satisfied website experience.

    If you have any questions about the low cost web site design services at Mona Media, please contact us directly via Hotline, email address or directly at the office, 319 c16 Ly Thuong Kiet street, Ward 15, District 11, HCM

    Cheap Website Design – Be “Cheap by The Way Of Mona Media”!


    Mona Media sẽ đạt mốc 1500 dự án đã làm và đạt mốc 800 khách hàng trong năm 2017

    Kể từ ngày đầu tiên hoạt động, dự án chủ yếu của Mona Media đều là do các khách hàng tin tưởng giới thiệu.

    Thanh Tri từ Vlance

    “Mặc dù tôi phải đi công tác liên tục, không có thời gian mô tả kĩ lưỡng nhưng bên Hùng đã chủ động thực hiện dự án vượt xa mong đợi. Trinh độ và tầm hiểu biết về business idea, plan cũng như hệ thống hoá lại ý tưởng của tôi thật sự quá ấn tượng. Hùng là người rất thông minh, có tư duy cực nhanh và chính xác. Tôi cũng đánh giá cao về cách làm việc chú trọng về kết quả chứ không mất thời gian tranh cãi và làm khó dễ chúng tôi mặc dù tôi thay đổi idea liên tục. Đã, đang và sẽ tiếp tục cộng tác với Hùng cho dự án lần này cũng như các dự án khác nữa.”

    Thanh Đỗ từ Kênh du lịch Việt Nam

    “Hơn cả chất lượng, Mona đã giúp mình hệ thống lại ý tưởng, phát triển thiết kế, phát triển giao diện trải nghiệm người dùng, tư vấn chiến lược xây dựng thương hiệu, trainning cách sử dụng cho nhân viên mình. Một dịch vụ 10 SAO chứ ko phải 5SAO như mình đang check vào. Khuyên dùng dịch vụ của anh Hùng cho các dự án quan trọng của bạn”

    Jay Johnson từ Come And Go Việt Nam

    “Outstanding experience, we have been worked with Mona Media since 2012, thru 5 projects, we can say that this is the best website development agency in Vietnam.”

    Kim Chi từ Xách Tay US

    “Hoá ra sở hữu một website bán hàng và điều hành kinh doanh trên mạng dễ hơn minh tưởng nhiều. Cảm ơn sự tư vấn từ Mona Media. Trong tương lai gần nếu đơn hàng đạt mốc 300 đơn 1 ngày mình sẽ triển khai hệ thống phần mềm quản lý của hàng của Mona Media”


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    Thiết kế website là một niềm đam mê, nhìn thấy khách hàng hài lòng với sản phẩm là hạnh phúc

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      Đối với dự án khó như thiết kế web dạy học trực tuyến thì việc lựa chọn ngôn ngữ lập trình cần được cân nhắc, đối với Mona Media chúng tôi lựa chon .NET để thực hiện dự án này. Vì đây là ngôn ngữ mạnh mẽ với tính bảo mật cao, được sử dụng rộng rãi trong các dự án web-application.


      Chúng tôi biết được mỗi trung tâm là một style khác nhau vì vậy website cũng vậy chúng tôi không thể sử dụng chung một giao diện cho nhiều website khác nhau, Tại Mona mỗi dự án đều được chúng tôi thiết kế giao diện riêng và độc quyền của riêng khách hàng, giúp họ có được một trang web với style duy nhất


      Xu hướng khách hàng sử dụng di động ngày càng nhiều và website học trực tuyến luôn được khách hàng tận dụng để học trong thời gian di chuyển vì vậy đây là tính năng cần được tối ưu ngay từ đầu. Chúng tôi hiểu được điều đó nên giao diện website của bạn sẽ được hiển thị tốt trên mọi thiết bị di động như điện thoại và máy tính bảng.


      học trực tuyến cần được trang bị những phương thức bảo mật hiện đại và chuyên nghiệp, Chúng tôi là một chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực bảo mật website. Ngay từ đầu chúng tôi đã tính toán để website bạn bảo mật nhất có thể thông qua các hệ thống và cách viết Code.


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